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Physiotherapy Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy Rehabilitation for Sports and Trauma Injury

Physiotherapists are health professionals trained to cure injured sportsmen or athletes by movement, advice, counselling, as well as physiotherapy rehabilitation. They help them get well after a sports or traumatic injury, illness, or disability with the help of movement and exercise, manual therapy, education, and advice. The main purpose of physiotherapists is to keep the morale of the patient high, even if the individual or sportsman has some serious injury or has suffered a traumatic injury.

Sports Injury

Growing children are prone to sports injuries at school or even at home. Many school and college-going children also engage in sports activities such as baseball, basketball, cricket, volleyball, and other active sports. Due to the participation in such sports, they can get injured and their limbs and other body parts can get injured and affected. In any sports, if the ball hits the face, it is considered a serious sports injury. Other common injuries are back and ankle sprains, but severe injuries may also include fractures. In such cases, patients admitted into a clinical setting with a dedicated physiotherapist can make the recovery of the patient speedy with positive thinking. The power of positive thinking is unchallenged to date. The most common traumatic injuries are Hamstring sprain, ankle sprain, and so on. Hamstringing is a disabling condition that leaves the sportsman crippled. Nonetheless, trained, experienced, and qualified physiotherapists are able to make the individual walk on their feet in a few weeks.

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Sports Injury Rehabilitation

In today’s world of sports, rehab relates to the time and effort needed by a sportsman to recuperate from his injury.

Physiotherapy rehabilitation is a non-medicinal cure for sport injuries. It is also used for Trauma Injury Rehab. Non-medicinal solutions are preferred over medicinal ones as the latter cause long-term harm to the body. It is a known fact that antibiotics or corticosteroids are very harmful to the body be it a sports injury or a traumatic injury. Trauma, in this context, refers to minor accidents as compared to major ones that require surgery, etc. Physiotherapy is a whole science that takes into consideration the patient’s emotional as well as physical health.

For Physiotherapy, call Dr. Agha Sajjad at 0323 458-8264 / 0334 014-0921


The primary duties of a physio specialist are to take care of the patient. For example, the physio helps in stretches, giving electrotherapy and ultrasound, and maintaining liaison with the clinical staff.

If you have suffered any kind of sports injury, whether minor or major, call the physiotherapy specialists at We-Care. We can help people with all kinds of musculoskeletal issues, including sports injuries, and weakness caused due to any neurological illness, such as stroke, Parkinson’s, or Multiple Sclerosis. Our physiotherapist can do home visits in Lahore

For Physiotherapy, call Dr. Agha Sajjad at 0323 458-8264 / 0334 014-092


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